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Environmental Policy

The Municipality of the Township of Gore’s mission is to develop and manage its territory in order to maintain and ensure a high quality of life for its citizens. Through its work in sustainable development, the Township of Gore seeks to protect the quality of the environment, preserve the biodiversity, respect the support capacity of ecosystems and protect the collective natural heritage. To achieve this, the Township of Gore solicits the participation and commitment of its citizens, the partnership and cooperation between local stakeholders and the sharing of knowledge. Together, we can achieve sustainable development, a natural choice!

Faced with the many socio-environmental issues of its territory, the Township of Gore adopted an Environmental Policy on March 4th, 2013. This is based on the principles of sustainable development to guide the action of the municipality and community stakeholders. Sustainable development seeks to improve the current situation of the community, while keeping and respecting the limits of the natural environment, in order to protect the quality of life and of the environment for present and future generations. It seeks to take into account the different social, economic and environmental aspects, while aiming to achieve a viable living environment, equitable and sustainable. The Environmental Policy of the Township of Gore aims to integrate, through its interventions and services, a vision and sustainable development approach.

While keeping in mind the concepts of sustainable development, the Township of Gore has three major orientations through its Environmental Policy:

  • Protect the integrity of the environment to ensure the quality, health and safety of its citizens’ living environment and the ecosystems that sustain life;
  • Ensure equity between individuals and generations through the development of a shared responsibility for the environment, partnership and cooperation as well as knowledge sharing;
  • Aim for economic efficiency based on innovation and prosperity throughout land development and use of its resources.

The Environmental Policy sets out the main objectives and targets of the Municipality of the Township of Gore on sustainable development. These objectives and targets are distributed throughout these main areas:

  • Municipal management;
  • Lakes and streams;
  • Natural landscape and green spaces;
  • Waste management;
  • Environmental nuisance.

Here is the downloadable version of the Environmental Policy of the Municipality of the Township of Gore.


For more information or to share your interests, concerns or needs regarding the environment, do not hesitate to contact Mathieu Madison, municipal inspector in environment and sustainable development.

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