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The financial services department has a triple mission. The first task is to control and manage the financial resources of the municipality. The second is to handle financial matters between the municipality and the citizens.  The third duty is to provide the other municipal departments with the support they need to fulfil the overall mission of the municipality.

2017 Municipal budget 

Taxes 1 881 435
MRC d'Argenteuil - Municipality's share 360 658
Provincial Police 440 804
By-law No 124 - 2003 Fire truck 21 605
By-law No 118 -  Des Roses road 1 892
By-law No 187 - Garbage and recycling 311 600
By-law No 143-1 -Special environmental protection tax 192 200
Roads subsidies 172 221
Miscellaneous subsidies 109 530
Realestate mutations 110 000
Oter revenues 265 847
Long term financing of operating activities (EcoLoan) 30 000
Appropriation of non-affected surplus (operating activities) 78 573
Administration 1 128 639
Public security 686 224
Transportation 1 327 283
Environmental health 604 291
Urbanism 270 464
Leisure and culture 159 091
Financing costs 75 711
Fixed assets depreciation (409 935)
  3 841 768
Reimbursement of the debt 134 597
3 976 365

The basic general tax rate for the year 2017 is set at $0.47 per $100 valuation, including fire protection.  A tax of $0.090 per $100 valuation will be charged to cover the MRC of Argenteuil costs.

A local tax will be charged to property owners on des Roses roads in accordance with borrowing by-law 118.

The tax for public security is set at $0.11 per $100 valuation.  A tax of $0.00539 cents per $100 valuation will be assessed to cover the financing of the fire truck bought in 2003.

Therefore, the total taxation rate for the year 2017 will be $0.67539 per $100 valuation all in accordance with the year 2017 valuation roll deposited by the MRC’s professional evaluator on September 13th, 2016 in the amount of $ 400 765 400. The charge for garbage removal and recycling will be $200.00 per habitable residence. The special environmental protection tax will be $50.00 per valuation unit. Considering the minimal number of businesses in the municipality and the cost of having another valuation roll prepared, there will be no imposition of a business tax. 

The dog licenses will be issued for free.  The rate charged for minor derogations remains at $300.00 per request plus publication fees. Now that Gore residents can sign up for free at the Lachute library and the pool, the municipality will no longer reimburse non-resident fees for any other library or pool. The non-resident fee for participation in tennis and day camp up to a maximum of $40.00 per child between the ages of 1 and 18 will be reimbursed.

The interest rate is established at 1.17% per month or 14% per annum and will be charged from the thirtieth day following the effective date of the tax bill.

Fees of $5.00 will be added to any reminder notice mailed during the year for any balance of $10.00 and over.  Administration fees of $15.00 will be charged for each NSF cheque.

Councillors’ remuneration will be increased by 0.9%. The monthly remuneration in 2017 will be as follow:



Mayor  $ 1 565.10  $ 782.55
Councillors  $    396.65  $ 198.33


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