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Town plan

The town plan is the planning document that establishes the guidelines for the spatial and physical organization of the municipality and presents a global vision of the development of the territory.


The town plan is the municipality’s most important document for land use and planning within the municipal territory. It defines the intentions of the municipal council regarding town planning policies that will guide future decisions. 

It is a management tool that allows the municipal council:

  • to ensure coherence when making decisions for intervention in the various spheres of municipal activities i.e. housing, commerce, transportation, protection of the environment, recreation, municipal infrastructure and equipment, while taking into account the possibilities and constraints for development in the natural and built sectors, as well as the concerns and expectations of the citizens and organizations stated during the public consultation;
  • to define policies for establishing equipment and infrastructure that take into account  both the needs and the financial situation of the municipality  i.e. parks, green space, leisure and cultural equipment, roads, bicycle paths, parking, water supply...;
  • to coordinate actions and investments with the various municipal departments i.e. roads department, the organization of housing development, revitalization programs and subsidies for renovations, acquisition of immoveable properties, waste management. This becomes important in preparing for the  triennial capital asset acquisition program and the annual budget;
  • to promote our  shared vision for development with investors, public and private development agents and to make the public aware of the issues involved in development;
  • to complete the land use planning guidelines included in the regional land use and development plan with specific zoning;
  • to make known the objectives of the municipal control regulations i.e. zoning, subdivision, site planning and architectural integration, derogation usage, nuisances, special projects.

The plan, combined with financial management, allows rapid adjustments if a project cannot be carried out or should new priorities arise.

Finally, the plan provides a better understanding of the reasoning behind the regulations, interventions, promotional, fiscal and financial measures that were prioritized to facilitate the implementation of the plan.

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