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Waste management

Selective waste collection


Garbage is collected every Monday. Should this day be a holiday, the regular collection service will still take place, except for Christmas and New Year's Day . Exceptionally, for these days, collection will take place on Tuesday.

Please note that appliances and furniture are collected only on the first Monday of every month.


Collection service for recyclable materials is available every second Thursday, please note that starting October 4th, 2017 the collection service for recyclable materials will be every second Wednesday. Here is the list of materials accepted and rejected: 

Paper / cardboard 


Non recyclable

√ newspapers, books , magazines
√ paper bags
√ cardboard boxes
√ plain and corrugated cardboard
√ milk and juice cartons 

× soiled paper and cardboard
× toilet paper
× diapers
× photographs
× metallic paper



Non recyclable

√ all bottles (all shapes and colors)
√ all containers (all shapes and colors)


× plastic bags
× plastic lids
× plastic caps
× lighters and shavers
× Styrofoam
× containers of motor oil



Non recyclable

√ all bottles (all shapes and colors)
√ all containers (all shapes and colors)


× windows and mirrors
× bulbs and neon
× dishes
× porcelain
× pottery
× Pyrex and crystal



Non recyclable

√ cans
√ covers
√ aluminum plates
√ foil, unsoiled

× paint containers
× auto parts
× aerosol
× propane gas tanks
× scrap

Good neighbours Ecocenter 

The Good Neighbour Ecocenter is the result of cooperation between the municipalities of the Township of Gore, Township of Wentworth and Mille- Isles. It is located in Gore on Sideline road. From Victoria Day to Thanksgiving the opening hours of the Ecocenter are Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday and statutory holidays, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.  From Thanksgiving to Victoria Day, on Saturday and Sunday only from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

The Ecocenter exclusively offers the citizens of these municipalities recovery services for specific materials that are not accepted in curb side recycling. Here is the list of materials accepted at the Ecocenter:

  • Construction, renovation and demolition materials:
    • Wood and wood materials;
    • Aggregates (asphalt, concrete, brick and stone);
    • • Metals;
    • • Shingles, gypsum and others.
  • Information/technology and communication products;
    • Desktops, laptops, tablets, and devices;
    • Display devices (TV, flat screen TV);
    • Printers, copiers and multifunction devices;
    • Video games and consoles;
    • Telephones, answering machines, cell phones and pagers;
    • DVD or VHS.
  • Household hazardous waste;
    • Household paints including aerosols;
    • • Oil, filters and containers of used oils including aerosols;
    • • Compact fluorescent lamps and fluorescent tubes;
    • • Primary and secondary batteries.
  • Used tires (without rims)

A resource center is also located on the site of the Ecocenter. It offers a recovery service for furniture and reusable products. Citizens of the three municipalities are invited to bring materials and reuse those that are there.

The Ecocenter’s operating and safety instructions must be respected by all:

  • Follow the signs on the site;
  • Report your presence to the attendant upon arrival at the site, do not put any material in containers or on the reception tables without the attendant’s permission;
  • Do not smoke on site;
  • Switch off the engine of your vehicle when unloading materials;
  • Follow the instructions related to HHW:
    • Leave HHW in their original packaging and identify their nature;
    • Never mix or pour HHW in another container;
    • Store HHW in airtight containers, out of reach of children;
    • Avoid accumulation of HHW at home;
    • Never place RDD at the Ecocenter in the absence of the attendant;
    • Always handle RDD with care to prevent risk;
  • Supervise children or leave them in the vehicle;
  • Pay attention to the risk of falling into containers;
  • Never get into containers;
  • Follow the instructions of the attendant and politely interact with him.
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