Municipal Policies

Municipal Policies

  • Strategic Vision

    Our future… Nature, Rural character and A united community

    It is with great pride that City Council and the municipal administration present the strategic vision for the future of our community.

    The strategic vision is a collaborative process initiated by the municipality in partnership with its community. Indeed, many of our residents have participated in sharing their interests and needs through surveys, as well as in several meetings and exchanges. The result is truly a collective vision of the future of the Township of Gore that everyone can fully appropriate.

    This reflection process allowed us to study the current state of our community as well as to position ourselves on certain essential questions: Where are we today? Where are we going? How far do we want to go? How are we going to do it?

    Through these reflections, we have been able to establish our identity and our vision. For our community, it's about building on environmental values, highlighting the rural character of our territory and strengthening our dynamic and collaborative community. The vision of the Canton of Gore is to aspire to become a reference in terms of environmental protection in Quebec, to preserve its rural attributes and to boost the cultural and community exchanges of its environment.

    The Township of Gore adheres to the mission of providing the best opportunities for real sustainable community development, building on its assets and elements of its identity, providing quality services at a fair cost, with the goal of strengthening the sense of belonging and pride of its residents.

    In the end, six major strategic directions were identified following this major project of reflection on the future of our community:

    • A satisfied, engaged and happy community. Caring for the interests and needs of her community, the Township of Gore is committed to working with community groups and residents to energize the community and enhance the quality of life;
    • Sustainable development of the municipality aimed at growth that meets the social identity of the community of the Township of Gore and its environmental values;
    • Innovative land use planning based on current achievements, preserving the identity of the Township of Gore and the values of its territory;
    • A healthy, preserved and accessible environment as a central element in the growth of the Township of Gore;
    • Positioning, recognition and collaboration with residents, community groups and other surrounding communities;
    • A successful municipal organization.

    Our community faces many opportunities and challenges. The collaboration and involvement of residents and community groups will allow us to focus our efforts and commitments in achieving these goals.

    We invite you to consult the document Our Future ... Nature, Rural Character and a united Community as a Whole to learn more about the strategic vision approach and the results of this approach. This section of the website will serve as a bulletin board to present objectives and action plans, as well as initiatives and successes, to achieve our strategic direction. We invite you to visit this section of the website regularly to see your community grow and to see the opportunities for you to participate in these initiatives.

    We would like to thank each and every person who participated in or contributed to the reflections. The time has come for us to implement this vision and we are counting on the commitment of everyone to make the Township of Gore a great place to settle, to escape, to rejuvenate and to rejuvenate. build strong community connections.

    Looking forward to continue working with you. Do not hesitate to contact the members of the municipal council or members of the municipal administration to know more or to discuss your ideas, your interests or your needs to improve this vision of the future.

  • Family and Senior Policy

    The Township of Gore considers that families and seniors have priority: that is why it has embarked on the development of a regional family and senior policy, together with the municipalities of the MRC d’Argenteuil.

    This policy is a concrete way of expressing the desire to focus on families and seniors at the heart of municipal actions.


    Integrate “thinking and acting families/seniors” in the planning,
    administration and projects to enhance the vitality and well-being
    of everyone.


    • Improve the quality of life for families and seniors;
    • Promote the establishment of new families, retention of current families and seniors;
    • Harmonise municipal actions based on common objectives;
    • Develop a framework for planning, implementation and
    • monitoring of actions;
    • Develop a sense of belonging and civic involvement.

    You can find the whole document here :

    Family and senior policy.pdf

  • Environmental Policy

    Our environmental mission

    The Municipality of the Township of Gore’s mission is to develop and manage its territory in order to maintain and ensure a high quality of life for its citizens. Through its work in sustainable development, the Township of Gore seeks to protect the quality of the environment, biodiversity, respecting the ecosystems’ capacities and protecting the collective natural heritage. To achieve this, the Township of Gore focuses on the participation and commitment of its citizens, partnership and cooperation between local stakeholders as well as the sharing of knowledge. Together, we can achieve sustainable development, a natural choice!

    You can see the complete document here : 


  • Contract Management Bylaw

    We regularly acquire goods and services to meet the diverse needs of citizens. These acquisitions are generally the subject of a contract between one or more municipal bodies and the party or parties willing to provide goods or services related to insurance, work, supplies and services.

    Contracting is an important and strategic exercise that requires sound and rigorous management by municipalities. Municipalities have obligations and responsibilities that stem from legislative and regulatory provisions to regulate the awarding of contracts as well as to ensure the transparency of processes and accountability to citizens.