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Permits and certificates

Do you have construction or renovation projects? 

Before you start, we would like to remind you that compliance with the law is your responsibility. We recommend that you make sure that your project complies with:

  • The municipal urbanism by-laws;
  • The Quebec Construction Code;
  • The National Fire Prevention Code.

Requests for permits and certificates

Requests for permits and certificates of authorization must be made by supplying the completed Permit application form and the appropriate documents and information and making an appointment with the municipal inspector.

For a demolition permit, please fill out the Demolition Request form (currently available in French only).

For all minor derogation requests, please fill out the Minor derogation form. Refer to By-law 219 on minor derogation for additionnal information. 

You need to complete a form for...

  • All construction, reconstruction or additions to a main building
  • All construction of a garage or gardening and storage sheds
  • All renovations or repairs
  • All fences or retaining walls
  • All demolitions
  • All septic systems and wells
  • All wood cutting
  • All installations of a spa or swimming pool
  • All requests for a minor derogation
  • All requests for a subdivision