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Park's activities

Outdoor aperitifs: January 12, February 10 and March 8. We are reinventing aperitifs!

We offer you 3 aperitifs during winter 2024 to come and have a great time in all simplicity and above all, to do something different!‍ ❄️🥨The game plan? A short run, snowshoe hike, crampons or cross-country skiing, in short YOUR activity of choice on the trails of the Lac Beattie nature park followed by a good time around the fire to chat with other outdoor enthusiasts like you in the Laurentians!🎁**DRAW**: At each aperitif, a night in a shelter in the park will be drawn from among the participants present‍🎟️Included: Access to the trail, beverage with or without alcohol and classic aperitif snack . To register, click here:

  • Facilities

    On site, you will find a traditional Mongolian yurt heated with wood, two parking lots with a total capacity of 40 places, a reception desk for the collection of entrance fees and rental equipment and chemical toilets.

  • Winter activities

    Snowshoeing (red trails on the map)

    The Neil (2.5 km), Irène (0.5 km), Marais (1.7 km), Panoramix (2.9 km) and Pic Nic (0.9 km) trails are designed for snowshoeing during the winter and cross diversified forests of hemlocks, swamps , birch forests and shores. Snowshoes are mandatory. 

    Classic Cross-Country Skiing

    The Aventurière (1.8 km), Virée Sud (1.7 km), Slalom (2.7 km), Sommet (0.3 km), Lister (0.8km) and Familiale (1.6 km) trails are mechanically traced and offer small elevation changes that are interesting for the amateur of classic "old-fashioned" cross-country skiing.

  • Fall - Spring - Summer activities


    Several trails (17.4 km) criss-cross the park and offer a great diversity of landscapes.

    •      Neil 2.5 km
    •      Irene 0.5 km
    •      Marsh 1.7 km
    •      Panoramix 2.9 km
    •      Picnic 0.9 km
    •      Adventurer 1.8 km
    •      South trip 1.7 km
    •      Slalom 2.7 km
    •      Summit 0.3 km
    •      Lister 0.8 km
    •      Family 1.6 km

    Nautical activities

    Beattie Lake is about 2 km long and is completely wild (no habitation).

    •      Non-motorized boats only - no boat launch. You have to walk about 200m with your boat to reach the edge of the water. A dock is available to facilitate launching. Small electric motors are authorized. 
    •      Sport fishing (barbless): various species of fish: pike, bass, speckled trout, rainbow trout.
    •      SUP (paddle board)
    •      Swimming in open water with buoys at fixed distances. Mandatory lifebuoy.