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The park Project

  • History of the park

    August 2012: Signing of the Intermunicipal Agreement concerning the development and use of land at Lac Beattie for conservation and recreation purposes and the establishment of a management board

    September 18, 2013: creation of the Régie Intermunicipale du lac Beattie (RILB) by the city of Lachute and the Township of Gore

    December 12, 2013: meeting with residents of Beattie Road to present the project and hear their concerns

    October 2017: Signing of a 40-year emphyteutic lease for the preservation of Beattie Park

    November 15, 2017: meeting with residents of Beattie Road and the Gore trails to present the Beattie Park project

    2019: 300K grant from the Regions Outreach Fund (FARR)

    2020: Grant of 300K from the Support Program for the Upgrading and Improvement of Trails and Outdoor Activities Practice Sites (PSSPA)

    2021: official opening of the Parc du Lac Beattie and welcoming of the first visitors

    2021: Jean-Marie-Moreau Prize awarded to Scott Pearce for his leadership in protecting Beattie Park

    2022: ADMQ Merit Prize in Municipal Management awarded to Dominique Aubry and Julie Boyer for the management of the Parc du Lac Beattie

    2022: Grant from the Assistance Program for the Recovery of the Tourism Industry (PARIT) to built cabins and camps.

    2023: Laurentian Eco-corridors Prize for raising awareness of natural environments

  • Mission and Objectives

    Powerpoint presentation on the park (in French) : Parc nature du Lac Beattie.pdf

    The main objective of the Lake Beattie nature park is to be a  recreational tourism area, accessible to the  population and tourists  for the practice of outdoor activities all year round. Through the  protection and enhancement of this exceptional  natural environment, we  offer a variety of activities to discover  natural environments  (fishing, cross-country skiing, hiking,  snowshoeing), nature interpretation and recreational activities (  sporting events) to the  population of the MRC d'Argenteuil, surrounding  MRCs and outdoor  enthusiasts in general.

    As complementary objectives, we wish, by  the creation of this park, to  sensitize the population to the natural  environments (education,  interpretation), to protect the natural  environments and the fauna and  flora species (abundant presence of  wetlands on the park site) and to  develop a favorable environment for  research (biological inventories and  other studies) in the region.

    The  Lake Beattie nature park is exceptionally wild and unspoilt  considering  its proximity to the greater Montreal area. In 2018, a  40-year agreement  (long lease) was signed with the city of Lachute  (owner of the land) to  ensure the preservation of the site and the  development of recreational  tourism.

    It is therefore by the will of the municipal council, with the support of the City of Lachute   (adjacent to the park) and the MRC of Argenteuil, and the table of   prefects, that the park project was born. The grounds of the park,  which  covers almost 300 hectares, are completely preserved. The territory of  the park also has great historical value as it was one of  the first  places where settlers settled in the region in the 19th century.

  • Our team

    David Fournier - park attendant

    Naomie Gagnon - park attendant

    Nathalie Giard - park attendant

    Philippe Gravel - park attendant

    Denis Landry - park attendant

    Logan Pearce - park attendant