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Public Safety

Fire chief : Luc Gauthier 450-562-2025 p. 3528

Administrative assistant : Diane Chales  p. 3523

  • Fire Safety Department

    Luc Gauthier - Fire Chief - - 450-562-2025 p. 3523


    The mission of the Fire Department is to protect citizens by providing emergency firefighting services and prevention measures.

    The municipality of Gore has twenty-one volunteer firefighters. Each year, as required by the Quebec Department of Public Security, the volunteers review their training in order to remain up-to-date with the latest safety and intervention techniques. The Fire Department has a rescue team ready to intervene in various hazardous situations. The fire hall is located beside the municipal office in the centre of the municipality.

    In the past few years, in collaboration with the Fire Department, the municipality has installed twelve (12) dry hydrants in strategic locations throughout the territory. These reduce the time it takes to refill the Fire Department’s tanker. In addition, the fire department has a pumper-tanker and a specialized vehicle for fighting forest fires.

    Fire hall

  • Register to Telmatik

    Subscribe to Telmatik - Message Express! This  system allows the municipality to reach you in the event of an urgent  or less urgent situation, for messages of public interest. This message can be sent to you by text, phone (voice message) or email. 
    You can register for MESSAGE EXPRESS on the Internet by clicking 
    You can also call us so that we take note of the following information: 
    Your name, phone, cell, email address and mailing address.

  • Police protection

    The Sûreté du Québec is responsible for surveillance and security within the territory of the Township of Gore.

    The mission of the Sûreté du Québec relates to the security and well-being of all citizens, i.e.:

    “Keep the peace, maintain law and order and prevent and control crime by: 

    • Ensuring the safety of citizens and properties;
    • Safeguarding the rights and liberties of all persons;
    • Respecting victims by being attentive to their needs;
    • Cooperating with the community with respect for its multicultural character.”

    To contact the Sûreté du Québec: dialing 9-1-1 will give you rapid access to police, fire and ambulance services.

    We remind you that you must call 9-1-1 for a real emergencies only. 

    Sûreté du Québec of the MRC of Argenteuil 
    350,  Bethany Avenue 
    Lachute (Quebec)  J8H 4G8
    General information : 450 562-2442

  • Fire permit and Fireworks permit

    To obtain a fireworks permit, please complete the permit application and send it to LUC Gauthier at

    All outdoor fires require a fire permit, whether you are burning leaves, cooking marshmallows over a campfire or making a fire for any other reason. To obtain a fire permit, you must  dial: 514-754-3473.

    First, check the safety index from the SOPFEU to see if outdoor fires are allowed at this time.

    If fires are allowed, you must obtain a fire permit for an outdoor fire anywhere in the municipality.

    Please note that fire permits are issued on a day-to-day basis and only when the risk of fire is low or moderate.

    Be careful!

  • Prevention

    Smoke detectors

    Each time there is a time change you should also change the batteries in your smoke detectors to be sure they will work if needed in case of a fire.  This way you will be sure that everyone is safe.

    To learn more about smoke detectors read the pamphlet published by the Quebec Public Security Department::  L'avertisseur de fumée, un gardien rassurant!

    Chimney cleaning

    Have your chiminey cleaned and inspected regularly.   The National Fire Prevention Code of Canada requires homeowners to ensure the safety of their chimneys and to have them inspected at least once a year.

    We strongly recommend that you call a certified chimney sweeper to inspect and clean your chimney. For more information visit the site of the Association des Professionnels du Chauffage (APC).

    For information regarding the use of your fireplace or wood stove, please consult CMHC's publication ''A Guide to Residential Wood Heating''.

    Propane tanks

    To protect yourself and the lives of our volunteer firemen, please advise the municipal office if you have a propane tank for heating your home or any other building.

    For recommendations about using your propane barbecue, read the pamphlet 'Your Safety and Propane Gas Barbecue' published by the Régie du Bâtiment du Québec.