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Municipal taxes

The general property tax rate for the year 2024 is set at $ 0.428 per $100 of assessment and includes the cost for the fire department. A tax of $ 0.0658 per $ 100 of assessment is charged to cover the cost associated with the RCM of Argenteuil. A special taxe is imposed on property owners who have benefited from the Ecoprêt program under loan by-laws 191 and 192, a sectorial tax is applied for the repair of Chemin Williams (loan by-law 223). Sectorial taxes are also imposed for the repair of des Fauvettes (by-law 250) and Hrvacic (by-law 251) streets. The public security tax is set at $ 0.16 per $ 100 of assessment. Therefore, the total tax rate for the year 2024 is $ 0.6538 per $ 100 of assessment, all collected in compliance with the 2024 valuation.

The tax for household garbage and recycling is set at $265.00 per habitable residence. The special environmental protection tax is charged at a rate of $ 54.00 per evaluation unit. Considering the minimal number of businesses located in the municipality and the cost involved in preparing a new valuation roll, business taxes are currently not applied. Dog and cat licenses are issued free of charge. The cost of a minor derrogation requests is $300 plus publication fees (totaling $525). Now that Gore residents can register for free at the Lachute library and swimming pool, the municipality will no longer reimburse non-resident fees from another library or pool.

The interest rate is set at 1.17% per month, or 14% per year and is charged from the thirtieth day following the date of issue of the tax account. 

A fee of $ 5.00 is applied when a reminder notice for any balance due of $ 10.00 or more is mailed out during the year. An administration fee of $ 25.00 will be charged for any check returned for non sufficient funds.

For details, plese consult the municipal budget HERE.

Payment of taxes

Gore tax payers have 30 days following the date the tax bill was issued to pay their taxes. They may also pay their taxes in four instalments without interest if the total amount of the taxes is more than $300, This is on the condition that the  payments are made on or before the deadlines noted on the tax bill.

1st installment
March 18 2024
2nd installment
May 6 2024
3rd installment
July 1st 2024
4th installment
October 7 2024

Payment of taxes in four installments is a privilege.  Late payment of any installment will cancel this privilege and the total amount noted on the tax bill becomes due immediately to avoid  accumulating interest. If this happens the total amount that has not been paid is due and interest is calculated as of this date until the full amount is paid. NO DELAYS WILL BE ALLOWED.


  1. Payment at the municipal office: cash or debit card
  2. Payment by cheque
    Please  note that the cheque must be received at the municipal office by the due date. Remember that there may be postal delays. Because  forgetfulness is often a cause of late payments, we suggest that you  send us post-dated cheques for the four installments noted on your tax  bill to avoid accumulating interest needlessly.
  3. On-line payment
    Below  you will find a list of banks through which you can pay your tax bills  on line. Just clicking on your bank will link you to the web  site of that institution. You must then fill in the required  information to make your payment.

Supplementary taxes 

If your property assessment has been revised, you will receive a complementary tax bill regarding the increase or decrease in your evaluation. The supplementary tax bill is payable 30 days following the date the tax bill was issued and is also payable in four instalments if the total amount of taxes due is more than $300. The due date for payment is specified on the tax bill. Interest will be added to your account for any late payment as of the due date.  Please note that in the case of a supplementary tax notice regarding a credit, the credit will first be applied to any unpaid amount in your account and a cheque for the balance will be issued and mailed to you.

The right to collect taxes on transfers of immovables

All municipalities must charge new owners a tax on transfers of immovable properties (welcome tax). 

Transfers of immovable properties made by public organizations  (governments, school commissions etc. ...) are exempt from transfer  taxes.

Property transfers between family members are also exempt from transfer taxes if the transfer is:

  • In a direct ascending or descending blood line (son, daughter, father, mother);
  • Between spouses (spouse includes husband, wife, spouses by civil  marriage, same sex or opposite sex couples who have lived together as a  couple for a certain time; usually 12 months); 
  • Between father-in-law or mother-in-law and son-in-law or daughter-in-law;
  • Between stepfather or stepmother and a stepchild.

When there is an exemption from the transfer tax related to a property transfer, municipalities may charge $200 (supplementary fee),  or 0.5% of the sale price or the value of the property if that amount is less than $40,000. However the municipal council of the Township of Gore has decided that this supplementary fee will not be applied.

No tax on transfers of immovable properties will be charged if the sale price is less than $5,000 or if the property assessment is less than $5,000.

The property transfer tax payable by the purchaser is determined according to the HIGHEST OF THE FOLLOWING AMOUNTS:

  • The price paid to acquire the property (the purchase price);
  • The total amount of the price less the value of other considerations ( ex.: the price less the value of the movables):
  • The value registered on the municipal evaluation role multiplied by  the comparative factor to take into account the market value of the  property.

The rates used to calculate the notice of assessment regarding the transfer tax are as follows:

  • 0,5 % for the first $55 200;
  • 1,0 % for amounts between $55 200.01and $276 200;
  • 1,5 % for amounts exceeding $276 200.

For example, a property with an evaluation of $85,000:

  • The first $55 200  will be taxed at 0.5 %, which is $ 276.00;
  • The remaining $29 800 will be taxed at the rate of 1.0 %  which is $ 298.00;
  • The total amount of the transfer tax will be $ 574.00.

To avoid interest charges the new owner must pay the transfer tax in one payment, payable within 31 days after the date of the invoice.

Notice of change of address 

It is the responsibility of property owners to advise the municipality of any change of mailing address. The municipality is not in any way responsible for the consequences of any correspondence or taxation notice sent to the wrong address if they have  not received a change of address notification in writing.

A notice of change of address must be  sent by mail to the municipality at 9, Cambria road, Gore (Québec) J0V 1K0, by fax to 450 562-5424, or by email to Please advise us if the change of address applies to more than one file.