Community life and activities

Jody Anker - Community life and activities 

450-562-2025 p. 3543

  • Becoming a volunteer

    Get involved in your community

    Whether  you have a few hours to  donate or you are available each week: write  to us at or call the municipal office  (450-562-2025) to  be part of our volunteer's list !  

    Have  you ever noticed that most of the volunteers are very busy people with a  thousand and one responsibilities, that their hearts are so big that  they overflow in their huge smile? Have you noticed that volunteers work to build a warm and happy world and that they know their neighbors? 
    We are always looking for volunteers! Volunteer involvement is the essence of a community and in Gore, this community is tightly knit. 

  • Concert series at Holy Trinity

  • Municipal Activities

    In Gore, there are many activities. Here is a short list :

    • Organization of the Winter and Summer Carnivals
    • Concerts at the church
    • Soup of Elders
    • Mayor's breakfasts
    • Special Events: Halloween, St. Patrick's Day, Children's Christmas
    • Community Garden (+ beekeeping, tomato sauce)
    • Family Policy (MADA and family in action)
    • Municipal park (activities and dog park)
    • Race Club and Outdoor Activity
    • Grace Park Lake 
    • Farmer's Market
    • Internet cafe
    • Support to volunteer committees and grant research
    • Environment Day
    • Support to Sentiers de Gore


  • Community Center Booking

    Address : 2 chemin Cambria, Gore, J0V 1K0
    to book : or 450-562-2025 p. 3543

    In order to book to community center on a specific date for an event, it is important to pay the rental cost, as soon as possible, in order to confirm your reservation. The community hall being very popular, you have to book several weeks in advance and even a few months if you want a specific day. Two days before your event, you can come to our offices to give us the security deposit, pay your rental and we will give you the room key at that time.

    Here are all the prices and specifications for the room rental:

    Community center and equipment fees 

    FREE if NPO (non-profit organization) recognized by the City. $ 200 security deposit required.

    FREE if for funeral (for resident). $ 200 security deposit required.