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Urbanism Department

Senior Urbanism Inspector - Tyler Boyle -  450-562-2025 p. 3526  

Inspectors' assistant - Tammy Hall - p. 3542

The responsibilities of the Town planning department are to plan, manage and control the territory. The department supports development, drafts planning regulations for the township, and supervises the implementation of these regulations, while protecting and enhancing the built environment and landscape and maintaining  harmony between the two.

The mandate of the department is to manage and control the development of the territory. The department applies the municipal regulations, issues infringement notices, studies and receives all requests for permits and subdivisions, and handles requests for minor derogations.

If you are planning to carry out work on your property (renovations, additions, septic systems, pools, sheds, tree cutting, etc.), please consult the regulations and if needed, apply for a permit before starting the work.

If you are looking at information on a specific lot, the MRC d'Argenteuil provides an online mapping application available here.

The role of the municipal inspector includes providing guidance and information to citizens regarding their projects and the existing regulations. This is the reason why you have to consult the inspector before starting to work on your project. This will save you problems and disappointments. 

  • The planning advisory committee (PAC)

    Since the adoption of the Act on Land Use Planning and Development, the establishment of a Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) is mandatory for municipalities wishing to regulate and apply certain land management mechanisms (eg: By-law concerning Site Planning and Architectural Integration Plans (PIIA).

    The role of the PAC is to provide recommendations to Council on land use planning, and in particular, applications for building or renovation permits in areas subject to the PIIA By-law. The CCU has powers of study and recommendation in matters of town planning, zoning, subdivision, construction and minor derogations.

    The committee is composed as follows:

    • two members of the council of the municipality appointed by resolution;
    • five (5) members chosen from the residents of the municipality, and appointed by resolution of the council.

    The committee must:

    • make recommendations to the council concerning the modification of the master plan and the zoning, construction and subdivision by-laws.
    • make recommendations to the council following any minor exemption request made in accordance with the regulations in force. 
    • make recommendations to the council in any other matter at the request of the municipal council.

    The members of the CCU are :

    • Chayne Barnes
    • Mike Dawson
    • Ricahrd Masse
    • Peter McDonald
    • Jamil Menaceur
    • Daniel Leduc - councillor
    • Sakina Khan - councillor

  • Town plan

    The town plan is the planning document that establishes the guidelines for the spatial and physical organization of the municipality and presents a global vision of the development of the territory.


    The town plan is the municipality’s most important document for land use and planning within the municipal territory. It defines the intentions of the municipal council regarding town planning policies that will guide future decisions. 

    It is a management tool that allows the municipal council: 

    • to ensure coherence when making decisions for intervention in the various spheres of municipal activities i.e. housing, commerce, transportation, protection of the environment, recreation, municipal infrastructure and equipment, while taking into account the possibilities and constraints for development in the natural and built sectors, as well as the concerns and expectations of the citizens and organizations stated during the public consultation;
    • to define policies for establishing equipment and infrastructure that take into account  both the needs and the financial situation of the municipality  i.e. parks, green space, leisure and cultural equipment, roads, bicycle paths, parking, water supply...;
    • to coordinate actions and investments with the various municipal departments i.e. roads department, the organization of housing development, revitalization programs and subsidies for renovations, acquisition of immoveable properties, waste management. This becomes important in preparing for the  triennial capital asset acquisition program and the annual budget;
    • to promote our  shared vision for development with investors, public and private development agents and to make the public aware of the issues involved in development;
    • to complete the land use planning guidelines included in the regional land use and development plan with specific zoning; 
    • to make known the objectives of the municipal control regulations i.e. zoning, subdivision, site planning and architectural integration, derogation usage, nuisances, special projects. 

    The plan, combined with financial management, allows rapid adjustments if a project cannot be carried out or should new priorities arise.

    Finally, the plan provides a better understanding of the reasoning behind the regulations, interventions, promotional, fiscal and financial measures that were prioritized to facilitate the implementation of the plan.

    Go to the section on Municipal by-laws for the commplete text (French only) : 

  • Permits and certificates

    Do you have construction or renovation projects? 

    Before you start, we would like to remind you that compliance with the law is your responsibility. You have to you make sure that your project complies with:

    Requests for permits and certificates

    Requests for permits and certificates of authorization must be made by supplying the completed Permit form  and the appropriate documents and information and making an appointment with the municipal inspector.

    For a demolition permit, please fill out the Demolition Request form (currently available in French only).

    For all minor derogation requests, please fill out the Minor derogation form . Refer to By-law 219 and its amendments on minor derogation for additionnal information. 

    You need to complete a form for all...

    • Construction, reconstruction or additions to a main building
    • Construction of a garage or gardening and storage sheds
    • Renovations or repairs
    • Fences or retaining walls
    • Demolitions
    • Septic systems and wells
    • Wood cutting
    • Installations of a spa or swimming pool
    • Requests for a minor derogation
    • Requests for a subdivision


  • Urbanism by-laws and zoning plan

    See the section on Town Planning By-Laws on the Municipal By-Law  page