In order to achieve its obligations, the Municipality often needs to contract services and acquire goods through a tendering system. These goods and service contracts enable the municipality to provide a variety of services to its citizens while strategically managing costs.

    The process of awarding contracts is governed by various laws and by-laws as well as internal policies aimed at ensuring that the service or product providers have equal access to municipal contracts and are able to meet the Municipality’s quality standards. More specifically, the by-law ensures measures to:

    • Promote the respect of applicable laws aimed at combat bid-rigging;
    • Ensure the respect of the Lobbying Transparency and Ethics Act and the Lobbyists' Code of Conduct adopted under this Act;
    • Prevent acts of intimidation, influence peddling or corruption;
    • Prevent situations of conflict of interest;
    • Prevent any other situation that could compromise the impartiality and objectivity of the biding process and the management of the resulting contract;
    • Supervise decisions that authorize the amendment of a contract;
    • Ensure, when possible and in accordance with the criteria and principles set out in the By-law, the rotation of potential suppliers with respect to contracts having an expenditure greater or equal to $ 25,000 but not surpassing the amount decreed by the government obligating a competitive bidding process;

    Anyone who intends to enter into a contract with the Municipality is invited to read the By-law concerning Contract Management and to address their questions to Management. To consult the Municipality’s By-Law on Contract Management, press here.

     In addition, any person who has information regarding the failure to respect any measures contained within the By-law concerning Contract Management is asked to inform Management or the Mayor. The latter will, if necessary, take appropriate measures or refer the complaint and documentation to the competent authorities.

    To consult the procedures for the receipt, examination and treatment of complaintes, press here.

    For the list of all contracts involving an expenditure of more than $ 2 000 made during the last fiscal year with the same supplier when the total expenditure with the same supplier exceeds $ 25 000, press here.

    For the list of contracts awarded with a value of more than $ 25 000, press here be redirected to the Electronic Tendering System's (SEAO) website from where you can consult this list.


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    See the section on contract management for the list of contracts given out by the municpality.

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