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Public notices


PUBLIC NOTICE -Register for voters regarding by-law 192-01 repealing loan By-law 192 to decree a loan within the framework of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities green municipal fund for the implementation of the Ecoloan program - replacement of septic installations

PUBLIC NOTICE - Minor derogation requests 2024-05 and 2024-06

PUBLICATION NOTICE - R-262 decreeing an expenditure and loan of seven hundred and seventy-two thousand dollars ($ 772 000) for the purchase of land for municipal purposes 

PUBLICATION NOTICE - R-259 regarding the citation of Holy Trinity Church and its cemetery as a heritage site

PUBLIC NOTICE - Tabling of the 2023 Financial statement deposit

PUBLIC NOTICE - Minor derogation request 2024-03

PUBLICATION NOTICE - R-265 the exercise of the right of pre-emption on immovable property within the Township of Gore

PUBLICATION NOTICE - R-264 on municipal culverts and ditches and amendment of by-law 263 decreeing the taxation, compentation and pricing rates for municipal services for the 2024 fiscal year

PUBLIC NOTICE - Deposit of the 2024 general collection roll 

PUBLIC NOTICE - Shedule of regular Municipal Council Meetings for 2024

PUBLIC NOTICE - Public notice for the deposit of the valuation roll - 2nd year of the roll

PUBLIC NOTICE - Notice from the "Office de la langue française" (french only) and

Resolution 2023-01-16 for Gore to maintain its status as a recognized organization and 

Response regarding resolution 2023-01-16 with confirmation that Gore will maintain its recongnized status (french only)