• Municipal by-law on animals

    Animals By-Law

    In order to comply with the municipal regulation on the keeping of pets, the municipality uses the pet control services provided by the private company Patrouille Canine Alexandre Roy. 
    In addition to helping locate a lost animal, this canine patrol service offers many benefits to dog and cat owners. For example, a toll-free number where you can learn about regulations, file complaints and obtain services. Note that in addition to collecting lost animals, Canine Patrol Alexandre Roy keeps them until he finds the guardian. 
    For information, to make a complaint or to request a service, you can contact the Alexandre Roy Canine Patrol toll free at 1-800-950-4280.

  • Dogs

    Register your dog

    In Gore, if you are a dog owner, it is mandatory to register and obtain a license for your dog at the municipal office. The license is free. Present yourself at the municipal office. 
    However, the owner of a dog with a valid current year's license issued by another Municipality where he usually lives, does not have to obtain a license if he brings his dog to the Municipality for a short period.

    Dog park

    Gore has its own dog park, located at the municipal park - at 45 Chemin Cambria. Citizens have even created a Facebook group to share information about the park and navigate dog owners.

  • Stray cats

    Volunteers needed

    As many of you know, the problem of stray cats in Gore and surrounding communities is a source of concern for all of us. 

    Every year we receive calls from residents expressing this concern. In the city of Lachute, an organization called "Re-CHATS-Pés", which is a volunteer-run organization, has begun its catch-spay-return program for stray cats. This long-term program is very expensive. It requires the purchase of catch cages, the transportation and return of the veterinarian's cats, as well as the cost of sterilization. All these tasks are done by volunteers. A cat can cost more than $ 125, not to mention the many volunteer hours. 

    "RÉCHATS-Pés" is funded in part by the City of Lachute and by volunteer fundraising events. The only way for such a program to work in Gore is if we had several volunteers willing to handle the program and organize fundraising. If you have the time and desire to work on a program to control the overpopulation of cats in Gore, please contact the Municipality at 450 562-2025.